Since the opening of Coast Sushi Bar in March of 2003, our founder has delighted patrons with exceptional sushi in a relaxed and lively BYOB setting. Located in a trendy neighborhood, Coast has become a staple for both regulars and newcomers who appreciate the art of sushi. Our chefs have honed their craft over the years, skillfully combining simple yet complex flavors to pioneer innovative New-Japanese cuisine. Using only the freshest ingredients and top-quality fish sourced globally, Coast has consistently provided a top-tier dining experience.

In 2024, our founder embarked on a new venture, channeling years of culinary expertise into an informative blog dedicated to food, with a special focus on Japanese snacks. This transition from restaurateur to blogger was driven by a passion to share a deeper understanding of Japanese cuisine and its rich culture.

The blog explores a variety of topics, including traditional Japanese snacks, the evolution of snack culture in Japan, and how these snacks have been adapted and enjoyed around the world. Each post is crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that defined Coast Sushi Bar, ensuring that readers receive the most engaging and authentic information.

Whether you’re a longtime lover of Japanese cuisine or new to the flavors of Japan, the blog offers insights that deepen your appreciation and knowledge of this fascinating culinary landscape.

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Erick Benitez
Erick Benitez
In 2003, the Coast Sushi Bar was founded, quickly becoming a beloved fixture in its trendy neighborhood, appreciated for its exceptional sushi and vibrant BYOB atmosphere.

The chefs at Coast have developed a mastery in blending subtle yet intricate flavors, establishing a reputation for pioneering innovative New-Japanese cuisine with only the finest global ingredients.

Building on decades of culinary success, the founder launched a new endeavor in 2024—a blog focused on Japanese snacks. This blog marks a significant shift from restaurateur to food blogger, motivated by a desire to share comprehensive insights into Japanese culinary arts and snack culture. The content covers traditional snacks, the evolution of snack culture in Japan, and the global influence and adaptation of these snacks.

Each blog post reflects the founder's commitment to quality and attention to detail, mirroring the standards of Coast Sushi Bar.

Aimed at both aficionados and novices of Japanese cuisine, the blog serves as a resource for deepening readers’ knowledge and appreciation of Japan's rich and diverse food culture.
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